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We recently went over to my older sister’s for breakfast and play.  She served us these amazing Reese Smile Waffles.  I was blown away at how simple these were and how life changing delicious.

So I was telling my mom how great these were when she said, yeah I made these for your sister.  Enter middle child moment, “Where was I?!”

If only I had canned whip cream in the house for hair.  Pretty cute bald though.

My consumer focus group gave them two thumbs up.




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Pirates and Princesses Swim Meet at Gettysvue

Yesterday I spent an hour at swim practice.  Then an hour packing the car and running to the party store for supplies for the theme of the meet.  After 3.5 hours and a rain delay at said meet, hubby tagged in and off with grumpy preschooler I went.  I missed the one minute my daughter needed me.  There was a false start.  She was in the pool frozen, people yelling.  There were tears.  Sweet coaches encouraged, kind mommies stepped in, her daddy gave her the, “buck up little missy” talk.  She’s fine but I can’t get over spending all that time and missing the moment she needed me.

My living room looks like this.  Painting is going slowwwwww.  Three year old tantrums, swim team stress, paint messes, I may or may not have scarfed candy in my bed while watching reruns of Friday Night Lights and chanting “Tomorrow will be better”.  All this to say…..

I’m heading off to see my favorite social activist and lyrical genius this weekend!  Throw in a little Demo’s steak and spaghetti and I’ll be a new girl.  Well, at least a well feed and rocked out one.

Oh, Bono.  Only you could share a shelf with C.S. Lewis. 

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I planned on dropping Miss May off at the Homespun Sidewalk Sale and heading out to other adventures today.  But I was caught up in the fun: part yard sale, part family reunion, part carnival (well, there was a duck game).  It was hard to resist.  These lovelys came home with me.

The black iron candle sticks were a steal and you know I’m a goner for anything old, funky, and with a literary theme.  This piece had me at type setter’s drawer.

This happy yellow made me smile so it had to come along for the ride.

I spent the better part of my morning at Homespun and running around town.  As I was heading home I realized I was starving.  This is a recipe-ish that came from Rachel Ray then my sister Kacee then I just did my own thing.  Like I said recipe-ish.  Here is Gemelli pasta with Chick Peas, Kalamata Olives, Capers, and Basil Marinara.

Start by sauteing onions and peppers in olive oil. 

 Add sea salt, black pepper, one can rised chick peas, capers, tomato paste, olives, and two cans petite cut tomatoes. 

 Looks like this.

Rinse then puree the other can of chick peas, add, and you should have something like this.

Add lots of fresh basil.  Really can you ever have enough fresh basil?


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Design Narrative’s It Girl, Miss May, will be meeting and greeting at Homespun’s Sidewalk Sale 6-25-11 from 10 to 6.  Hope to see you there! 

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We moved into our current home a little less than a year ago.  It is a tremendous blessing after our previous house was on the market over 18 months.  Our home was built in the 80s and has some unique features.  Not the least of which is the plumbing.  We noticed a wail, moan, gurgle from the master bath our first night.  We were too tired to care.  After a few weeks, handy hubby remedied the ghost potty issue.  Soon after, there were issues with the tub.  We plan on remodeling the entire bath, so patching dry wall is low on our list of projects right now.  Previously I covered the vortex of plumbing woe with a mirror but now it’s got a new lease on life.

I bought the shudders, you guessed it, at a yard sale.  Now they hold my costume jewelry and scarves and cover the vortex.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  And I think that’s the key.  Our homes should make us smile and tell our story.  It doesn’t matter if even your best friend doesn’t get it.  If you love it, find a way to use it in your home.

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Beauty for Ashes

So notice the little aqua box.  Please don’t notice the white walls (we’re painting this weekend-whoo hoo!) or the lamps that I’m over but haven’t found replacements for yet.  Back to the box- bought at a yard sale from a widow cleaning out her late husband’s tools.  It was gunky and I have no need for a tool box but it spoke to me.  I loved the color and the worn patches that gave it such character.  Enter in God, moving through two friends who shared their lives with me this week, and the box took on new meaning.  My friends shared heart ache and pain and most of all God’s grace moving in their deep hurt.  I am learning, slowly but learning, that God wastes nothing.  This time of year is a little tricky for me.  If you knew me then, think summer 2003.  I don’t have all or even many of the answers but I know that the worn, broken parts of our lives allow God’s grace to shine through when we are real and open.  That’s a little of my story.  A little of why I named the shop design narrative.  God is weaving his narrative through all our stories-sometimes all the more through the broken, worn pieces.  Isaiah 61:1-3.

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I picked up this sad little picnic basket knowing she needed a little TLC

A little help from the helpful hardware place in Banner Red

Now she’s ready for a 4th of July bash.  You could channel your grandmother’s spirit and make a blackberry cobbler or rhubarb pie.  Wear her pearls and be belle of the barbecue.

How fun would this little vintage tin be filled with iced animal crackers as a hostess gift at your next playdate?

Both the tin and picnic basket will be available at Design Narrative in Homespun Antique Mall between Fresh Market and Steinmart on Kingston Pike

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We are loving summer!  Home made Milky Way ice cream screams summer to me.  My aunt Suzan made this every 4th of July for us.  Melt 12, that’s right 12 Milky Way candy bars, with 1 can Hershey’s syrup, and 1 can sweetened condensed milk.  Add enough whole milk to reach the fill line in your ice cream freezer, plug in and be prepared to be pleased.

Pickett State Park

Swinging Bridge at Pickett

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These little monsters, oh I mean sugar babies, have been enjoying a staycation at Grandmama Camp.  Mud pies  are on the menu.

Mini pie pans, chocolate pudding, marshmallows, chocolate chips, oreos, and of course gummy worms

Everyone enjoyed until A mentioned that the marshmallows were a lot like larva

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Simply Stunning

Hydrangeas from Thompson Farm

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