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Please meet traditional Miss July.  She’s a golden butter cupcake with cream cheese icing adored with berries. 

 She’s fruity fun for your firecracker bash with a little dash of all things that flash. Pun intended.

Every year since I can remember, my mom(the original Betty Crocker) makes a flag cake for the fourth of July.  This year she had a little help.

Why yes, that is Dorothy and Spider Man.  We have many a celebrity sighting at our house.  Happy 4th!  In the words of Bono, “America: not just a place but a beautiful idea”.  Yes, indeed.



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We’re having a few friends drop by later so I asked my six-year-old to pick up the playroom.

Pretty good effort.  Can you spot what’s wrong?  Other than the fact I need hardwood floors and crown molding?

My sweet girl staged an attack!  Poor Mickey.

After I put her brother down for a nap, I tripped over a Disney princess tea cart.  The cart was heavily laden with culinary delights:   pudding cups (lightly sampled), apple sauce, and bananas along with this note.  It reads, “I am sorry I woke you.  I wanted to give you this”.  The Force is strong with this one.  Her flare for drama comes from her daddy’s side.


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