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One of the display pieces from the shop has been repurposed for our resident artists.

I want the kids to know that art and seeking/making beauty isn’t a every now and then thing.  Art without mess, something I haven’t mastered.

 It’s been a hard week.  Our son is having some health issues.  The shop lease is up and I’m not renewing it.  Work is in full swing with many demands.  I have been focusing on the gray.  I want to see the beauty of God in this real, gritty sometimes crazy life of mine.  I need new eyes and a renewed heart.  His handy work is all around me.  Maybe this new art caddy is more for me than the kids.


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I was asked to do a tablescape for a women’s luncheon at church.

The red, turquoise, and lime make me smile.  Love them together.

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This zaney girl started first grade this week.

 There were plenty of butterflies the first day.  A reported that first grade is “cool-a-rific” and “adorably cute”.  Amen to that.

It’s been a busy week full of meetings, parents night, and birthday parties.

Overjoyed to sleep in this morning.  It’s amazing that after nearly 7 years of parenting, this is now an option- I’m loving it!  We went to Meet the Fleet.  One sweet boy was in heaven!  Way to go town of Farragut.

G started a new preschool class this week.  His teacher reports that the class is lively and strong-willed.

Welcome to my world I wanted to say.  Life is lunch boxes, art projects, backpacks, and permission slips right now-and it’s good.

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Simple Simon

After two weeks back at work, I’m exhausted!  I was too tired to cook and going out with the kids seemed like way too much effort.  Olives, apples, grapes, tomato, and basil with rustic bread, havarti, manchego, and cheddar.  So very simple and so very good.

I’m working to simplify several areas of life right now.  I’ve decided to focus on the consulting and staging aspect of Design Narrative and discontinue the retail shop for now.  It was a fun ride but a retail platform isn’t the best fit for my life.

 I wonder why less really is more in so many ways.  I’m attempting to be more mindful about my commitments and expectations (not easy for a classic type A, just give me the outline, multi-tasker).  After reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, I realize how much I need to grow in being really present and aware of the grace of now.  Not when the goal is in hand, house finished, five years down the road, or five pounds lighter but now in this day.  Simon says: Simple. Ah that wise Simon.

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Tomato Paloza

We’ve had a great plethora of organic tomato goodness this summer.  This recipe is one of my favorite ways to use tommy toes.

Slice, add garlic cloves, sea salt, and olive oil

Roast at 350 for about 30-40 minutes until caramelized

Chop fresh basil

Add cream cheese and parmesan to hot pasta

Beyond divine!

Especially good if you have this sou chef!

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My Graham

Four years ago today at 7:43 am, Graham Joseph was born.  Our world has never been the same.

Graham you are:


an old soul with dry wit

my all time favorite super hero

my snuggle buggle

Fearless dinosaur wrangler


bright and creative

a gift from God


Last night you told me you wanted to be a working man/ pirate/ hero/ robot/ rocket guy/ jet guy/ motorcycle rider/ mountain climber guy/ desert check the cactus guy  when you grow up.  I told you, you’d be wonderful at all those things and more.   I am honored to be your mama and love you more than you’ll ever know.

 Here’s to you my sweet, sweet boy!

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