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Snowgirl turns One

My sweet niece Caroline turned one today

Her beautiful mama made it quite a bash

Precious babies


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Christmas 2011

Ava’s favorite was “Little Sweetheart” a pup in a purse

Graham’s “hot rod, motorcycle” has training wheels

Joey did tricks on A’s new bike- he’s cool like that

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Croche en Bouche and Yule Logs- Oh my

Here are my adorable parents on Christmas Eve 2011.

They make an incredible feast each Christmas Eve.

Now that feast has grown from supper for five to supper for fourteen.

It’s anything but quite.

 This year they made Croche en Bouche.

It’s a traditional French dessert made with cream filled pastry held together by caramelized sugar.

My parents are quite the team in the kitchen and in life.

I was quite impressed with the end result.

Most years my mom makes a Yule Log.  This year I took the reins.

Chocolate sponge cake spiraled with raspberry filling and topped with chocolate butter cream- Yes, please.

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Miss December- Gingery Goodness

Miss December is unique, she’s a traditional Christmas time treat.  Cupcakes had to take a back seat to making some memories with sweet babies.

I decided to let each child make a batch of gingerbread today (not supermom, I just couldn’t handle the fighting so I divided and conquered).  This is G’s face when I told him to watch out for run away gingerbread men.

 A was enthralled with the entire process.  This was very welcome since she’s getting over a bug and been soooooo whiiiiiiiiney.

More gingerbread was consumed than decorated.

We made a day of it by finishing up some salt dough ornaments we made last week.

Sweet, funny, imperfect but blessed

 these gingerbread are quite representative of this stage of our lives.

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Just call me Angela

Greenery from Sycamore Springs

Plus Hobby Lobby

Equals arrangements for the School Psycho party.

 Somehow I was drafted to the social committee this year.  Go ahead and make an “Office” joke.  I was asked to come up with party games- um, no.  I always tell Joey I don’t do trust falls and group hugs.

So I made these instead

much more my speed

now it’s clean up time.  party on school psychs!

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The kiddos were feeling crafty Saturday.  After a hot date to a funeral Friday night, I was in the mood for a low-key day as well.  No one (except Joey who had to be a pall bearer) got out of pjs.  Need more of that in my life.

A and G mixed equal parts glue and shaving cream to make snowman puffy paint (thanks, pinterest!)

Yes, Graham, breakfast crumbs, chocolate chap stick, and Hulk pjs are a winning combo.

A made no less than 14 paintings.  To bad I didn’t have any blue or black construction paper.   Would love the white against that background.

Another pinterest inspiration, reported to the best hand cream ever.

Challenge Excepted.

My kitchen has never been softer or smelled more like a baby bum.  Fun Times.

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The F-Bomb (no, not that one)

Lately my work life has been a bit much.  I moonlight as psychologist while dreaming of my passion for my babies and design.  The new evaluation system for educators is back-breaking and disheartening for everyone.

Today I counseled an amazing, gifted teacher to please reconsider leaving the field.  This lady inspires, encourages, enlightens.  She is who you pray your children will have in their life.  She wants to walk away.  Me, too.

I did all but twirl fire for my evaluation.  It was fine.  Fine is not my heart.  Fine is not the hours and soul I, and most all educators, pour into our jobs.  Fine is a Four letter “F” word.  So take that Race to the top.  When the going gets tough, the tough gets crafty.

I made gifts tonight for A and G’s teachers.  They are just little happy Friday gifts but I hope they convey that I deeply appreciate them.  Sparkling cider, fun peppermint glass, and a Christmas ornament.  Everything is better with polka dots and a calling card.

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Lego Land

Graham has become facinated with legos

New look for my library table

All motorcycles should have flame exhaust

This is “Kolby Jaun Koe-noby” otherwise known as Obi Wan to the rest of the world.

Love this boy

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