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Five for Five

So I have this friend who is an artist.

She’s creative and has all that the artistic temperament brings.  She feels and thinks deeply.

The gift brings the burden.

My artist friend is always thinking of others.  She creates cards, posters, and gifts of encouragement for others.  Today I had a chance to return the favor in a very small way.  I had fun coming up with a little gifty.

Less than five dollars and five minutes to assemble

 It made me think, I don’t even know if five people read this blog.

But if they do, what if this week, five of us take the five for five challenge:

Five minutes, five dollars or less, and bless someone with a gift, prayer, or note.

Let me know if you’re in.

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A and G

This is the toy designer/knight/crime fighter and

marine biologist/princess/poodle skirt wearing vet saving the day.

Ah, so glad these super heroes live here.

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architectural antics

A fab friend took me to an incredible little antique shop

 These treasures came home with me.

Major fun finding the letter-press set,

but more fun knowing that my friend knew I’d love it

……love that friend

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love in the air

 Valentines Day started early, before six am early

Here is sweet A with cuddles

 Sleepy G loved his star wars legos

Joey made us all smile in the predawn darkness

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Miss February

Miss February is a complex kinda gal.  She has contrasts that highlight her paradoxical strengths.

Joey thinks she needs a little bacon topper.

She’s dark chocolate cake with caramel icing topped with ganache and loads of sea salt.

This Miss February is off to the Daddy Daughter Dance.

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A spent afternoon with sweet friends ice skating.

Here they are doing the BFF chant.  Let’s just say A inherited my athletic ability- poor, poor girl.

I’ve spent the rest of the weekend chugging Gatorade, watching Indie films, and nursing a deep respiratory infection.

My one creative endeavor appalled my children.  Secretly I’m thrilled they are bibliophiles!

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Graham, my little man

This little guy has been dropping one liners lately.

Today on the way home, “Mom why is life so weird lately?”

I glance back and inquire, “What do you mean by weird, sweetie?”

“Yooou know, weird.  I can’t go into it right now.”

Well then, I guess I underestimate the complexities of four-year old life.

Tonight at dinner, we heard: “Well, I’m glad God made God.  Only God could make God.”

True, son true.

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