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I See Silouettes

 I’ve always wanted silhouettes of my kiddos but I’m too cheap to pay to have them done professionally


 I decided today was the day.  Not perfect but southern, traditional, and fun- and who doesn’t love a good oval frame?

 Obviously not a silouette but had to share:

I made this necklace using antique letter press for stamping and my babies’ thumbprints

I made these charms by shrinking down the silhouettes I cut out using profile pictures of A and G.

I broke out the resin for the first time for these.

The jury is still out on how it will set up, I’ll keep you posted.


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Shitty Day Brownies

I got up before 5 am today to have a quite time and an extra cup of coffee to prepare for the day.  I should’ve slept in.

There were  x-rays (no broken bones- thank you Jesus and Dr. Dave), back to back assessments and meetings, after school inservice, and one hijacked GPS.

Sweet hubby forgot to return Ms. Garman, so as I frantically tried to find my required inservice after school, I ended up on the wrong side of the tracks and needless to say my mood did not lighten.  I think I ended up near a mall of ill repute but it was hard to be sure due to the drug dealers and prostitutes that made it hard to read the road signs.

One inservice later and a trip to the grocery store:  shitty day brownies.  I know mom, you hate the four letters, but I am a Junior League drop out after all.  For the most part, I’m still a card-carrying goody-two shoes but some days call for shitty day brownies.

These are so good, you forget why you needed them in the first place.  Per chef Kacee:  take 3/4 cup peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of butter, and 1/2 cup sugar and melt in microwave.  Add to box mix of prepared brownies and Swirl like the wind.

Seriously, they give you the Friday feeling on a Monday.

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missing you already

Spring break was nine days of playdates, pjs, girls night out, Hunger Games, Jay’s shoes, Dairy Mart cherry coke, spring plants, picnics, library dates, and slow, easy hey what do we feel like getting into kind of days.  I miss it already.

A has a badly sprained foot and G has been sporting quite an attitude but all in all I’ve had nine days of contentment.  It’s a strange feeling for me to be driving home from errands and realize, wow, I’m happy.  Not excited, giddy but overall, mellow happy.  Spring break, I’m just sorry our fling was over so quickly.

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little bit o explainin’

I’ve had several friends ask me lately why I craft around with my kids.

Simple answer:  so I don’t lose my mind.

I make Polly Pockets go to book club.

 I’m at a loss for what Barbie should say to Ken besides a, “How youuuuu doing?” in a Joey from Friends voice.

I am hopeless when it comes to Star Wars characters and they just like to fight anyway.

I cook and craft and read to my kids because it’s what I enjoy doing.

And I hope it’s good for their brains,

because I’m just not that into My Pretty Ponies or Spider Man

although I do try.

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Rainbows and Butterflies

Today we tried another pinterest idea- shaving cream sidewalk paint

Tempra paint and Shaving Cream


my favorite grafiti artists

very much a rainbows and butterfly kind of day

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Spring Break Sangria

To celebrate nine days of spring break, a few girlies stopped by Friday.

Enter in Spring Break Sangria with peaches, raspberries, and strawberries.  Good Times for sure!

Kickoff was at 4 so I kept the food super working girl friendly:

Major fun and as I fell asleep Friday night,

 I kept thinking how amazing it is to work with people who you enjoy so much

you want to hang out with them after work.

I am thankful for you girls!

And the Hubs who took the kids on a daddy date so I could have fun.

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Saturday find us making pancakes, little feet dancing in the background

Don’t know why, but I keep the play dough in the pantry.  As I was getting it down, pasta crashed everywhere.

We made good use of it

First porcupines then of course, star wars ships

whiskers for A

Wish I’d thought of pasta/play dough combo before- hours o fun

March is a little late for pansies but I couldn’t resist

Love the color on my porch-

Good times with pancakes, pansies, and porcupines.

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Sometimes you just have to hang up the Betty Crocker act and peel into Fresh Market-

Ava went with the Boston Cream, Graham the Black and White, while it’s Tiramisu for the hubs and I.

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Featured Artist

Little Miss A is being featured at our town hall’s primary student art show!

Buffalo Hide Drawing by A

 Works from other talented students!


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Exhibit A:  1990s builder grade boob light replaced by

Exhibit B:  funky, vintage chandie from a friend =

Exhibit C:  One happy Kelley

In previous the post, we established my political aspirations:

If made president or queen, after abolishing human trafficking, ending world poverty/hunger, and establishing legislation to triple educators’ salaries, I’d do away with all boob lights everywhere!

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