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Golden Girl

 sweet Ava loves to stage her doll house

today she asked me to document her work

 I love a man who cooks

Moms should always have wild hair and babies that make them smile.

I love this budding designer!

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Nothing Like Legos

 this boy I love, loves Legos

I saw a really cool display idea from Three Paper Peonies:

take a frame and add cute paper


hot glue Lego bases

 hang on wall for ever-changing display of Lego goodness

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Artsy Smartsy

crafty kids have been at it again

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Thank you Pintrest

for making me a rock star to my four-year old

with Lego soap

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My Star

Graham was a caterpiller and banner holder in his spring parade today

He beamed like a broadway star

Last year he was a carrot and I had to miss it for work. 

 This year I was there and thrilled with my boy!

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Jam Session

These little jewels from South Carolina hoped in my car on Thursday

This little guy inherited his dad’s phobia of all red foods

A breakthrough perhaps?  There are no child labor laws in this casa

This girl thinks I’m the “best mom ever”, this boy not so much

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 thumbs up for bacon!

many a tea party around here include rabbits

Look, mom, I fixed my own hair

best baby giggles

 fierce back yard baseball

Team Thompson

Kristen brought brownies

 A brought me flowers from Greenback

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