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Golden Girl

 sweet Ava loves to stage her doll house

today she asked me to document her work

 I love a man who cooks

Moms should always have wild hair and babies that make them smile.

I love this budding designer!


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Nothing Like Legos

 this boy I love, loves Legos

I saw a really cool display idea from Three Paper Peonies:

take a frame and add cute paper


hot glue Lego bases

 hang on wall for ever-changing display of Lego goodness

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Artsy Smartsy

crafty kids have been at it again

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Thank you Pintrest

for making me a rock star to my four-year old

with Lego soap

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My Star

Graham was a caterpiller and banner holder in his spring parade today

He beamed like a broadway star

Last year he was a carrot and I had to miss it for work. 

 This year I was there and thrilled with my boy!

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Jam Session

These little jewels from South Carolina hoped in my car on Thursday

This little guy inherited his dad’s phobia of all red foods

A breakthrough perhaps?  There are no child labor laws in this casa

This girl thinks I’m the “best mom ever”, this boy not so much

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 thumbs up for bacon!

many a tea party around here include rabbits

Look, mom, I fixed my own hair

best baby giggles

 fierce back yard baseball

Team Thompson

Kristen brought brownies

 A brought me flowers from Greenback

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Miss April is an oldie but a goodie.  This is my grandmother’s, Mildred Marie Linder Copley, recipe.  Mildred raised five daughters with my grandfather on a song and loved life.  She had auburn hair and a cackley laugh that was perfection.

Miss April is a three layer white cake with sour cream coconut filling topped with cool whip (yes the chemical kind) and she gets so much better the longer the filling soaks into the cake.

This was made for a sweet friend who is also a classic.  She rocks pearls, denim jackets, and monograms.   True beauty, wine, and truth only get better with age, Cheers Robin!

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Hot Mess

As in nuclear hot mess, this is me tonight.  I may or may not have been flagged down at Y12 by armed guards while trying to find my way to a fund-raiser for a crisis pregnancy center.  I am not pregnant or in crisis but after an hour of failed attempts from GPS, a call to my mama, and my new i-phone that I can’t really use yet-I was not really feeling like a gala but hell-bent to find it.  Then when I was waved over by a guard at a check point, I’m not sure if it was the monogram on my SUV or the tears of frustration in my eyes, but thank heavens I apparently did not look like a security threat.  Sweet, gun-toting patriot even let me do a U-turn and graciously pointed to the welcome center with a little grin.  I do love a patriot.

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Art Creeper

Like most grown-ups, at times, I find the day job a bit monotonous.  I kept taking the long way to the copier at one of my schools because these collages made me smile.

After stopping and chatting with the teacher to let her know I’m a weirdo (but not That kind of weirdo), she said I could take a picture to recreate this with A and G.

These kids, worried about who to sit by at lunch or what someone said on the bus, have no idea how much I enjoy their art and how it much it brightens my day to walk past it.  The influence we all have (even more when it’s unknown) is powerful even in elementary school art.

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