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tangible truth

I spent some time over Easter weekend thinking about these blue eyes and the thought processes behind them.

There are many things I hope to teach my children.  Good manners, good grammar, and good choices come to mind quickly.  I hope they learn to love and love to learn.  I hope they find the thing that makes them smile, cling to joy, and become who they are fully.  I hope they have a sense of humor and sense of home.  And love to read, adore U2, and cook like the children of the south should.

But all the things I want them to know  fade against this greater truth:

Christ is Risen!

The world is broken, we are broken, Christ was broken to break sin, and Glory:

Death is Broken!

Christ is Risen!

Ava and Graham if you know nothing else from your mother, know this:  Christ is Risen!  Therefore always, always have hope.

I love you blue-eyed babies.


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