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Gesse Waht

Reviewing Ava’s first grade life journal, I found this jewel.  It reads, “I went throght the grosest story ever!  It is called once opon a time I went into the garden shed to get my dad a hamer and gesse waht, I saw a dead posum! It is so grouss!  I wish it would disaper.  I don’t think eneything could or would be wors.”

Dead animal journal entry was news to me, best I can tell this happened at Greenback on Granny’s farm.

Ava finishes with, “At lest mom is getting me ice-cream”

Not sure I ever came up with that rule but we’ll go with dead opossum = ice cream treat.


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“They have to be with their mommies…..the mommies snuggle them and keep them warm and ‘retect them from meat eaters and give them a leaf to blow their nose on and let them pick the movies and give them covers”

“Cause that’s not all they do, they brush their teeth and read them stories and you always need the moms”  Graham, age 4

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My Mama

My beautiful mama has breast cancer. 

She is handling this news with her trademark grace and strength. 

She has a wonderful medical team and is a fighter. 

Please pray for her healing and strength for the journey.

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You might be a mom if:  you start a load of laundry, pick up, and spot clean on your way out the door

You might be a mom if:  you say, “it’s the last day, you’ll feel better when you wake-up, let’s go by duncan donuts”

You might be a mom if:  you juggle the coffee, phone, work bag, and her back pack so you can hold her hair when it becomes obvious that duncan donuts was a bad call

You might be a mom if:  you negotiate who is staying home like a power broker while stuck in traffic

You might be a mom if:  you run to three meetings at two schools and remember to stop by on the way home to get the good tissues with the lotion

You might be a mom if:  with in 60 seconds of being home, you decide to throw kids in the car and haul it to a walk in clinic

You might be a mom if:  you appreciate one (previously shy) child working on pick up lines with the cute doctor while texting the hubs and simultaneously catching projectile bile from the other child

You might be a mom if: happiness is everyone being clean, fever-free, and home for the night

Here’s to all moms!

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Heavy Heart

Someone I love dearly is facing a major health issue

Fear leaves a metallic taste in my mouth

The air is thick with anxiety, it’s hard to breathe

The weight of the unknown is heavy as I go about my day

I know faith is not a free pass to avoid the difficult parts of life

but still I pray for healing

Will you join me in praying for peace and healing for the one I dearly love?

Thanks sweet friends

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Freaky Deaky


sometimes you try to save money

sometimes it’s a bad idea

sometimes you visit a new salon because of a great coupon

sometimes there is a man wearing high-waisted acid washed jeans (but not in a Kate Moss ironic way)

sometimes a rotund, heavily tattooed elderly man is your stylist

sometimes you want to run away but you just feel so awkward

that you sit still but pray they don’t slit your throat

sometimes said stylist shares his psych ward experiences when he finds out what you do

sometimes you send a covert text to your hubby so he’ll know where you were last spotted

sometimes rotund, heavily tatted old guy who must have gone to beauty school in the pen says,

“Darling the trick to getting that hair dye off your face is rubbing it with  cigarette ashes”

sometimes you say, “no need to cut my hair or blow dry it, and I love the color so let’s forget the highlights”

sometimes you tip just cause you made it out of there alive

sometimes you wheel into Chick-Fillet and scarf a brownie like there’s no tomorrow


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Debi catted

I love that I get to work with some very creative, smart, and funny women

I totally copied this from one of them

I call it the Busy Mom frame cause you don’t have to open the back to change out the photo

whipped some up for some special busy moms I know and love

Thanks Debi- great idea!

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Learning to Breathe

the day I had this giant (2 by 3 feet) print made, I left for a 10 hour road trip to a funeral

It was a whirlwind of tragedy and grace

 I heard the gospel and funny stories and celebrated the life of my uncle J

I’ve spent time since then just processing, sleeping, and thinking

I flaked out on friends and fun, just needing to breathe

Hospice asked J how he wanted to be remembered,

He wanted to be remembered as someone who always tried to help his family- and he was.

I’ve been pondering how I want to be remembered, a humbling task for sure:

I hope it will be that I attempted (however poorly) to live out my faith in Christ and loved my husband and sweet babies with wonder

I hope at my funeral people will play U2 and drink strong sweet tea with lemon and tell funny stories and hear the gospel

and breathe and go home and hug their babies and know this life is fragile

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