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so NOT a mu-mu


 one of the nicest things that was said to me at work today was,

“I really like your mu-mu”

…..this by a woman with very precarious dental health

It’s a Maxi Dress People!

(with a navy and white striped cardi and red beads straight from Africa to support women in poverty, don’t ya know)

……someday I’ll write a book about my adventures in school psychology

until then it will suffice to say the normal curve is both beautiful and terrifying in its extremes

 and genetics benefit from diversity (the family tree SHOULD branch)

it’s the perfect night for:

one minute molten lava cake

the recipe is on my Pinterest board, Foodie Goodness

…..so good I might need to buy a mu-mu!


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dress up

next week I’m creating a table scape for a women’s luncheon

so today it’s a dress rehearsal, so fun

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Apple Dapple

we made a little apple for the teacher treat for the first day of school

the apple of my eye on her first day of second grade

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Pot holes and Smiley Faces

so there have been a few pot holes in life lately

-these things are common to all humanity

but due to a PBS show I stumbled upon,

I’m focusing on the smiley, random, happy things in my life

So here goes:

A and G pretended to be Joe and Kelley-

they came up with some seriously funny stuff and giggled  all night

one of my children telling me that Pancake Saturday was the happiest part of their week

I had no idea but will be breaking out the griddle more often!

Other random stuff that made me smile:

G in Trader Joe’s, saying, “Number 1 chewy bars” about 500 times

A reading and saying, “I’m so hooked to this book”- Thank you June Frear!

J consulting me about a wiring issue and our latest garage door drama-

this made me smile because I am mechanically impaired

but glad he asked for my insight

fun texts from my sisters

mellow mushroom pizza- Thank you Robin

my FPS peeps making me smile

J taking the kids on an adventure so I could read and soak in silence

God always loving me

Seeing my parents this week

new Fiesta plates

 coffee with a good friend

smiley faces all around

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Meet and Greet

today was the meet the teacher time at FPS

Ava was thrilled with “Hoot” and the “OWL” bet it’s a great year treat bag!

This fab lady even came up with an extra treat bag for little brother- over the top thoughtfulness!

Graham was blown away with “my school”

He said, “I love it, love it.  They have legos and science and dinosaur books!”

He pretended to show us his classroom by setting up centers in his bedroom.

Once again I am filled with thankfulness that these kind, creative, gifted, and bright teachers

will be shaping my children’s hearts and minds!

I am so very grateful!

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