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Dynamic Duo

I’ve been waking up to this

overhearing whispers and giggles

and plots to overthrow crime

my heart is full as my children laugh and play

and decide that they love each other….

nothing better on earth


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Easy Peasy

It was the perfect pumpkin,

garage door painting,

rock smashing,

book reading, lazy fall day.

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read at your own risk

my ears go snap-crackle-pop every time I swallow

there is green-gray goo coming up from my lungs

I have a oozing, just won’t heal, sore on my ankle where I tangled with a bouncy slide at a birthday party well over a week ago

oh, and to top it all off- I’m reading Jen Hatmaker’s book 7

hot mess? oh, yes

I’m really thinking crazy thoughts like, maybe God cares more about making me holy than making me comfortable

and maybe the ever elusive American dream is not such a great thing to spend a life time chasing

and maybe I should move to Africa, but I really don’t like heat and mosquitoes and my only valuable skill is conducting educational assessments and maybe crafting around

and last time I checked, Africa was not in dire need of psychoeducational evaluations and the plethora of paperwork associated with said evaluations

or crafts, haven’t heard that Africa needs more craft projects

and maybe I should make such decisions when Joe is home and I haven’t consumed way past my daily allowance of caffeine and sinus medicine

but really 7 has me wondering if Jesus would have attended a posh, well-funded suburban school or an inner city one with all the baggage

and since he was born in a stable in a major city to semi homeless young parents, I’m thinking it would be the under performing inner city one

and maybe I should go to sleep instead of pondering the school zoning of Jesus



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’round here

around here, things have been a little wild

sweet Ava woke up screaming and unable to move her neck or arms

quick little trip to ER, some x-rays and Valium, and we know it’s just a badly pulled muscle

Hello, Monday!

so after we’re back home

I do the logical thing-

break out the spray paint, painters tape, and foam pumpkins

the cheveron look didn’t quite work out and the paint turned out to be a glossy finish-

but all in all, the world seemed a bit better

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labor day weekend

it was the perfect fall weekend

deep thought by Ava and sweet Joey,

pjs, lazy days, dinner around my mama’s table:

it doesn’t get any better

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Warhol, baby

just when I thought I couldn’t love Target more….

50th anniversary Andy Warhol Campbell’s soup

now, who needs a grilled cheese?

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remember when

Graham you are the best clone trooper, horsey stick firing ninja guy I know.

This past Friday, you were sure to rid my room of all bad chicken raptors and robots because you are the ‘rotector of the family.

Later, you told your father when he asked about cute girls in your class, “well to me, mommy is the most beautiful girl in the whole world”

I want to remember this when you’re sixteen and busted at curfew.

I love you so!

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