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….and then

after a lovely Friday night, I felt a little funny

……and then

it hit me around midnight:

stomach virus

(que mellow dramatic music)

I spent Saturday moving from bed to couch to recliner and back again

and then, Sunday I was back in the land of the living

my coffee maker never looked so inviting

pumpkins gleamed

art supplies beckoned

the last of the tomatoes shone

dinos roared (maybe some lingering effects of the virus)

and this guy took my breath away with his smile

and boots

and my heart is full with simple blessings


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Friday Night Fun

a rhino and an owl walk into a pile of leafs

(there is no punch line- frequent with jokes around here)

….and spent Friday night jumping and playing

add in a campfire and some s’mores

good times sweet rhino and owl

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Desperate Housewife

Well, I’m not desperate or a housewife.  I am however a bit of a frazzled home maker.  Today I started more laundry (we won’t discuss the three loads in my living room yet to be folded) before work, worked all day, ran errands at four stores, picked up kids, grabbed dinner on the go, and back to school for a parent meeting, and back out for McDonald’s teacher night.  Yikes- I just want a hot bath and enough time and energy to really scrub my kitchen floor (so dirty, you could eat off it).  The point being, I need to let go this expectation of the pristine home while working and babies and life.  I want to do it all but I do many things moderately.  A few balls always get dropped in the daily juggle.  I would love to have time to read more, exercise, even just dye my hair but for now I will settle for clean babies and a knowing that this season will pass.  Just as up all night with newborns, diapers, and high chairs have past and I long for the sweetness of that young babies stage while glossing over the exhaustion and smelly bits.  I am thankful for our blessings that include never-ending laundry, for active kids to chase, and for the opportunity to make this place a home  even if it is a less than perfect one.

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Camping Part II

I am fond of creature comforts:  hot showers, climate control, my Keurig.  The stillness of camping with our little tribe of four brought something to surface in me.  I felt a contentment and peace that is very evasive in my life.  For once, the to do list and cleaning and shopping and laundry and work and demands just stopped and I realized that the wonder of God is everywhere if I’ll just be still enough to look.  I am by no means a true “granola” kinda girl but I think our family will be doing more camping.

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fall break hit and we packed up like the Clampets

we made camp in the Smokie Mountains

this was G’s favorite spot

artist Ava

steak and potatoes never tasted so good

these two are as thick as thieves

samurai swords and clashing orange pants are a must

this girl earned best camper award

Fall in it’s Finery

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stranger than ficton

odd ball, strange, and weirdo-beirdo kind of day

a person showed me a picture of her new pot-bellied pig during my TEAM evaluation

another person said “scally wag” and “baby daddy” in our meeting while explaining her new engagement but not so finalized divorce- alrighty then

a random, don’t know you from Adam,  guy at the drug store choose to show me a photo of his two-year old “booty dancing” as he put it

then he invited me to visit his pawn/music shop

I smiled and gripped my kids hands tighter and walked quickly to the door

yikesy frikesy!

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before, painted but unfinished


my rock star of a husband

finished our cabinets, replaced the powder room sink and faucet, and repainted our front porch

before Ava’s little party

all while working and chasing babies and making me laugh

…..love that guy

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hoot (the preview)

my Ava girl is almost 8

we’re celebrating with an Almost Slumber Party

8 little “night owls” will party in pjs

and blissfully return to their own homes

two owl crafts, owl bookmarks, and owl treat bags

I’m letting Chick-Fil-A do the cooking and

fabulous Jennifer M. is making owl cupcakes

now it’s time to clean our home so our sweet girls can trash it!

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hey, hey take it away

this photo just doesn’t convey how nasty this sink was

30 years of gunk that would not yield to bleach or elbow grease

the bottom was poofy like only water sogged laminate can be

after, so much better

not earth shattering, I know, but oh so gratifying to be rid of puffy laminate

slowly, slowly this home is becoming less 80s fantabulous

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October Sky

how cute are my parentals!

polar bear pumpkins make me smile

rick rac makes everything better

we have eggs gourds, oh yeah

baby blue melts our hearts

pa with his fans

Nolan turns One!

my first s’more candy apple, won’t be my last

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