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this weekend, I left the house once, pretended I was allergic to cleaning, and wore various combos of sweats and yoga pants

it was wonderful

today we took G for a pediatric cardiologist follow-up

“all is well, come back in three years”

it’s just that “little detail” of a standard deviation and a half from average,

this guy drew me a chart- I didn’t tell him how well acquainted I am with the normal curve

really guy, no chart needed

tomorrow, I have six meetings and my TEAM evaluation

prayers, prehaps?

wee bit stressed, I am

also talking like Yoda, I am

strange, but true it is


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the show

 several hard weeks pile up

diseases and cures maim kids

I have a front row seat to a tragedy I don’t want to see

and I burn the dinner from Trader Joe’s that I only have to heat up

I skip small group and cancel appointments

I read in check out lines and at stop lights

I can’t seem to sleep enough, ever

never enough sleep

and yet there are graces all around me


her hand brings me this, held behind her back, grin so very wide


he simply says, “for your desk”


he buys flowers for the little miss, too

and we both smile at her delight

and God is good

and tomorrow is a new day

and he says he likes burnt pot stickers

and what I see and feel is not all that there is

and the tragedy is part of a fairytale still being written

and I believe in the midst of  my unbelief, I believe




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gritty but good


the best books rattle around in your head long after you finish the last page

this one is dark, gritty even but rings true

I’ll be reading more from Ms. Oates

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Yes, He’s a Rockstar Dad


Graham’s room got a new addition this weekend


G and Joey dreamed up a castle bed/ playhouse


a little trip to home depot and of course a bogan


G was thrilled


and had to help


they decided the bed would be the draw bridge


I had safety concerns but the top part is fastened so with any weight, the rope drops


Graham is in little boy, knight, off to fight dragons heaven!


We still need to paint walls, update window treatment, and build him a better bookshelf

but overall not bad for a days work.

And yes, Joey is a rock star dad and husband!

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