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Ms. Dee and the girls were in charge of the end of the year picnic at one of my schools.


When I walked in and saw the hand stitched quilts and garden cut flowers in Mason jars, well let’s just say it was a Tree Grows in Brooklyn kind of moment


Being at an inner city school has been a learning curve for this small town/ suburb girl. Ms. Dee made me swoon with her picnic. I told her she was speaking my love language with all the vintage goodness.






The food, decor, live auction, and various festivities made this picnic one to remember. There may have even been a costume contest respite with coconut bras and monkey glasses but I cannot confirm or deny that.


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good days


we celebrated our anniversary


Grandmama and Pa came to Graham and Copley’s last game


awards, medals, and cupcakes all around


good days






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it’s a wrap


this girl is a second grade wonder


I made an appearance at her end of the year party


I was very relieved to learn this was Medusa and not a mother’s day portrait


this little lady is Paris bound, one day…..


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it’s let’s just be friends but I love you

it’s I can’t believe you would date her and I’m crazy jealous but don’t know why

it’s weak knees and a proposal

it’s trading in a motorcycle for an oval cut diamond

it’s rolling pennies and grad school apartments

it’s you getting me through Russian class and afternoon naps

it’s a bullet lodged in a floor joist that’s only funny in retrospect “I hope you didn’t kill Collin”

it’s longing for a home of our own and missing the gift of late nights and late mornings

it’s our first home, walking through Lowe’s holding hands

it’s that dark place and long journey over seas

it’s brokeness and the love that allows me to endure

it’s that first morning we found out we were going to be parents

it’s meeting the wonder that is our daughter and you singing her to sleep

it’s building a house and laying the entire wood floor in a weekend

it’s praying, waiting and holding our healthy son

it’s selling that house while commuting and having two crazy messy little people

it’s moving into a home long prayed for and needing much TLC

it’s hosting that third birthday party with exposed wiring because we just can’t live with a drop ceiling

it’s a text that makes me laugh out loud at work and can you pick up light bulbs and shampoo after work

it’s U2 sound track and date nights that end at nine because we’re just so very tired

it’s you’re on for homework and I’ll do the dishes

it’s that and a million more minuet and wonderful things

the next 50 will be even better…..

happy anniversary sweet, sweet Joey

your love is more than I deserve

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it’s the new December

……May that is

it is quickly becoming the most hectic month of all

it’s babies, and weddings, and field day

and awards day, and open house, and farm day

and end of year parties and I’m all like

I still have evaluations to finish Jack!

and then

 some great news with my sweet mama- no signs of Cancer!!!!

and a hard-earned promotion for my Joey

left me ready to CELEBRATE the weekend

only my throat decided to go all girls gone wild with Strep

and my sinuses threw a really, raunchy bachelor’s party

poor, poor taste

sooo my celebration included sleeping tons and moving from couch to bed and back again

but my loves took great care of me:


(I loved this Karen!)





orchids and tiramisu and hugging my mama on Sunday

May’s not all bad

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spirit kinda day

Ava's show and Christmas stuff 2011 024

I found this old family pic from 2011

I love G’s expression, clearly he’s over it

so many days I feel like that

and today was more like Ava’s expression: add jazz hands

work- check

errands- check

dinner- check

new deluxe chore chart- check

reading time with kids- check

laundry- check

yoga pants/couch time- check

so many of my days are filled with too much to do and too little energy

and yet I feel convicted that it’s not about my progress on the ever-present to do list

I recently thought about several things in our life that we are waiting for direction

I resisted the urge to ask God for the PowerPoint

I hope I am learning to breathe and trust He is wherever I find myself

that His purpose and plan supercede my agenda and understanding

and even my laminated, color coded chore chart

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it’s the everyday variety of grace

the steak grilled and consumed with horseradish cream

babies clean, one playing a lego game, one reading


it’s Q and U in their wedding attire

and Apothic Red

and Friday night

and being in the place I most want to be

with the people I love most

and I am grateful for everyday grace

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a bit much

so the end of the school year is upon us

(my craziest season at work)

and with end of the year parties, I’m begging for relief

those of you without school aged kids may not have experienced the Room Mom Syndrome (RMS)

Room Mom Syndrome is a name I made up

for the olympics of Competitive Parenting

Case in Point:  One of my children’s Christmas (it was referred to as Winter Celebration) party

had a hot cocoa bar with mix and take home option

complete breakfast with bacon, waffles, blueberry muffins, various juices, and of course fresh fruit

I’m sure the teacher appreciated the warm syrup that the 22 kids helped themselves to

I was given the task to unroll cotton balls (really I’m completely serious)

then I was to help children stuff said unrolled cotton balls into pine cones

that were later adored with glue and glitter

there was a book exchange

three other crafts and a Christmas card making station and several other activities

including tree trimming and carol singing

I’m all for merry-making

but school parties should not involve 42 item supply lists

and then additional monetary contributions for the “fun”

Just this week, we’ve been asked to supply the following for end of year festivities by persons suffering from RMS:

gummy worms


pillow case

fabric paint

money for a sun visor

school supplies for intern’s gift

cash for end of year class gift

breakfast/lunch bring in sign up

flowers on Monday

alphabet coordinated gift bag goodies for teacher

healthy snacks (but with mass appeal but be mindful of allergies)

for our children who already eat breakfast, snack from home, lunch, and now additional snack for testing

Yikes, could I please sign over my tax return, bypass the mommy guilt,

and skip the 58 trips to Wal-Mart?

And for the people with RMS, it is primary school end of the year….

save something for that Harvard Graduation party or

the royal wedding- I’ll bring the pine cones.

Disclaimer:  I too have previously suffered from Room Mom Syndrome, change is possible!

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