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these are the days of our lives- one of my favorite summer memories from growing up was one summer when my mom was doing some graduate work and we had a sitter several days a week- hello Days of Our Lives. I was seven but the drama, man the drama.

Before summer started, I had lofty goals: teach A latin, organize my entire house in a way that would make Martha say, “ata girl!”, enrich and inspire my children while being relaxed,unstructured, and unstressed.

Um yeah, well, we have drama, man the drama. One of my children has future plans to be a ninja. The other plans on being a pediatrician or an artist. After a delightful conversation in the car about future college and career possibilities, one child asked if not pursuing higher education, they could blow the money in the college fund on pets, lots of pets. Um, no. No, no, and bless your heart, no.

I adore being with my kids in the summer but the drama, man the drama. One child cried when they perceived there was too much ice in their drink. Yikes, the intensity of 10 plus hours a day of togetherness for eight weeks….these are the days of our lives.


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camp schamp









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a recent trip to the mountains restored my sense of wonder in God’s creation



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I think part of my soul must be covered in moss.



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it the real thing



work continues out back, pirates make the best builders


my deep thinker


we took a coke float break, sweet Joey requested chocolate ice cream
I thought that the heat was effecting him but it was crazy good

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biting the bullet


it’s all hands on deck for our lastest project



with multiple trips to the hardware store, I’ve been pricing counter tops-
5K for what I really what and that just isn’t going to happen anytime soon


let me remind you of the hidious baby poop tan/orange countertops we had


now they are more of a slate grey (in this photo they look blue)
still not great but for $25, a days work, and toxic fumes:
well, I hate them less and that is progress!

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with DNA from Jamestown and Greenback some redneck/wild man traits were unavoidable:
G is off to rid our yard of Chicken Raptors

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this week the kids took part in Art Academy at the Knoxville Museum of Art



What’s not to love about an inverted Mona Lisa out of thread?


by far my favorite two artists


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this one


the transformer on the right asked me today, “if there were a big pile of all the boys in the world, would you pick me to be your boy?” ABSOLUTELY. EVERY. TIME.

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Ava was baptised today. Our greatest joy as parents is watching our children grow in faith. When Ava was around two, we started attending our current church. She insisted on wearing a Mason Jar lid as a bracelet and informed our wonderful children’s ministry director that she didn’t like the place at all. Ava was welcomed with such enthusiasm, a snack, and when they brought out the crafts- well they had won the war.

(Pastor Barnes, Ava Grace, and Ginger Forbes-Director of Children’s Ministry)

When she was three, we were driving along running errands. I had a Jars of Clay hymn CD playing. “I’ll Fly Away” was on and Ava asked me about the meaning. I explained it was about going to heaven because of trusting in Jesus. She pushed aside her Cheerios and while strapped in the car seat, said, “Well, how do you get Jesus in your heart anyway?” It was a surreal moment for me as a mama. I’m praying silently for wisdom, looking in the rear view mirror at this tiny girl with pigtails in the back, and the good ole’ college days of Cru came back. She prayed to receive Christ as her Savior that day after groceries and before the gas station. Now she’s eight and she asked to be baptised. I am so grateful for all the wonderful Sunday school teachers and children’s ministry workers that have poured truth and love in her life!


Ava girl, you are still that spirited old soul with the Mason Jar lid bracelet. We love watching your wit and sense of style and artistry! You give us a run for our money, baby! Please know we love you! As much as we love you, we will fail you. Sweet girl, God will not fail you. There will be doubts and questions at times in your life. God is big enough for all of that. You will have disappointments and dark days- no one gets through life without a few bruises to the heart. God will be with you through it all and He is writing your story with a glorious ending! Don’t be dismayed by a few villans you might encounter. God created you to be uniquely and wonderfully you! Your life can be a gift back to Him and others. We are so very honored to be your parents!

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