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lately I’ve been overwhelmed
overwhelmed by news of yet another mass shooting
overwhelmed by total depravity
and it’s manifestation in the stories I hear everyday
overwhelmed by just stuff, we all have stuff

I’ve bowed out of an urban ministry, a fabulous urban ministry
I’ve bowed out of small group because I just can’t
see my own kids less than I do now
I’ve taken a personal day to do laundry, clean, and grocery shop
it’s just life and at times it’s hard….for everybody


I’m trying to simplify, trying to find beauty


and beauty is there, in the hard, in the everyday


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we all live in a yellow submarine

family photos 2013 813

I’ve been searching for a replacement door for the mudroom/ craft area for a while now. I even found one at a habitat re-store that I conned the hubs into installing…. only it was 2 inches too short.

Retail would be special order $$$ since our home was built in the fabulous 80s….

family photos 2013 831

enter into a little gift of grace, a neighbor gave us the exact door I’ve been searching for, for free
I was singing “Shiny Happy People” from REM thus the mustardy-yellow submariney hue, it makes me shiny happy

family photos 2013 832

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