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snow day


out of school early today for snow


so I played with my spring mantle, painted sticks from the back yard


bulbs in milkglass


Ava knows how to make the most of a snow day….
fingers crossed for tomorrow at home


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painting and pigtails


knights slaying dragons


pigtails and painting, just a few of my favorite things

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it’s funny how grace sometimes sneaks up around the edges
I was cleaning up shards of glass and sticky milk this morning
when Joe started strumming the guitar, Graham was playing legos, and Ava giggled at her newest book
nothing special, everyday life, and I was so overwhelmed by the grace in the moment

someone this week spoke encouragement to one of my kids, I swear these few words of affirmation made this child walk with confidence

someone else owned a mistake and righted a wrong

a stomach bug brought us down but in the midst, we had warmth, and food, and Sherlock on Netflix, oh my Sherlock, how did I miss his quirky goodness before?

all kinds of grace the swirl around the edges if we will just notice


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pineapples and peace


as I was walking through the kitchen with my coffee, the pineapple caught my eye

several of the blogs I follow pick a word for the year, a theme or focus

I’m following suit with the word Peace for 2014. I want to feel at home in my own skin. I want deep peace despite the chaos of daily life. I want the peace that comes from chasing beauty- even if it’s the pineapple in the fruit bowl. I want peace that is so deep that death and despair have little room in my life. I know I’ll fall short but by making peace my word for 2014, I hope to pursue it relentlessly

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snow days


Due to the arctic vortex (that’s just fun to say), we’ve had an extra two days at home. Snow fort in dining room with nook and Reading Rainbow.


These kids get an A for effort. They tried so hard to sled in less than an inch of snow.


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