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what the fur !@#?

So CNN announces today that, wait for it, Hello Kitty is NOT a cat but rather a little British girl…..uh, no!


summer 2014 256

I do NOT and WILL not accept this!  With pending civil war in the Ukraine, Ebola, and ISIL threatening all that is good and holy, why do I care?  Because this precious nine year old loves Hello Kitty.  She is growing up too fast in a world that is spinning closer to annihilation every day.  Nope, you cannot change Hello Kitty after forty years.  She has whiskers people! While I’m living in denial, Pluto will always be a planet to me.  So there, world.  Don’t mess with Hello Kitty or Ava or Ava’s love for Hello Kitty!






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scary no more

summer 2014 266

Be afraid, very afraid.  My pantry was seriously ugly…

summer 2014 270

this was left for us by previous owners

summer 2014 271

I know, it makes me sad too

summer 2014 272

don’t let this fool you, he only painted the part I couldn’t reach, yes another blog picture of the back of Joey’s head

summer 2014 276

fresh paint, fun stripes, and new tile- ah, much better

why do I have three jars of peanut butter?- these questions keep me up at night

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