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it’s been a rainy season of relief, relief from a particularly toxic school year


I have found myself amazed by life
by good books and friendship
flowers and long days that stretch with the possibility of space, pure white space
these are the salt of the soul and I am soaking in the sea


my children are thriving and growing like wild things and I am overwhelmed by the goodness of the season


sweet summer stay awhile


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this guy


strong of heart, freckled nose, adorable cowlick, dimpled grin


prefers to do homework in full knight dress,


transformer, American ninja warrior


seven-year old boy who has our hearts, We love you G!

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day in the life


This being a grown up stuff, well it’s not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be…
We’re running late and G doesn’t like the one remaining clean pair of underwear in his drawer, and A needs yet another form signed right now or the world will end, right now!, and I’m making coffee, because I need the coffee, and water drips from the ceiling, and the kid’s tub is right above the kitchen, and more water pours down. At work I see and I am asked to mediate four kinds of abuse and dysfunction and it’s not even lunch time. Lessons for one kid and the other one is in the foulest of moods, no water at home, hubs is still working on the plumbing, so we go to a restaurant but no one talks and the stink eye bounces around freely. Then ah, the most dreaded time of day, homework. I love seeing my kids learn but this after this day, no one is in the zone. So I buy myself flowers while running out for milk and there is always tomorrow. I hope someday when G and A have beautiful families of their own, that I get a call and hear a story like this. I’ll bring over grocery store flowers and they will know their mother’s heart and life a bit better. And to my sweet mama, I apologize for any static I ever threw your way.

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birthday prep


I have learned that there is no such thing as “just a little bit of glitter”




Hannah, I made garland inspired by you!

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so both kids are swimming competitively this year
swim team is a crazy, fun alternate universe
I’m learning it’s normal to write all over your kid with sharpie, to double-check the peanut butter and jelly song before downloading it on I-tunes (some seriously offensive gangster rap instead of the cute practice song- YIKES), and half the battle is just jumping in and going for it- All good life lessons


this guy is a rookie but I am so proud of him for going for it!


this beauty won her heat in freestyle, I swear she walked three inches taller after that

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dynamic dino duo




creative liberties were taken to add penguins with dinosaurs

and a walrus to the farm scene




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