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May: May is quite possibly the hardest month of the year.  In the last week one child has sprayed the curtains and carpets with sickness, one has a Cleopatra project, one has a Tennessee history project, and one has a Fibonacci unit to complete with original photographs.  Add in work, dentist appointments, and baseball and I just need all the things to stop.  And yet, summer is on the way, in transit as we speak. Hurry Summer, hurry!



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otherwise known as manic baking syndrome

yes, I have self diagnosed- it’s ok cause I’m a psychologist and all

I’ve been up since 2

so I do what any God-fearing, southern girl does:

I make a casserole and roast some chicken for later in the week

yesterday it was two loaves of bread, a three layer cake, from scratch marinara, and two potato casseroles

I stir and simmer and think of all the women all over the globe and through the ages doing the same task and smile, even at 2 am


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Family Fun

Doesn’t every family have a plaid filled picnic in a pine grove while seated stair steps?  This one was too cheesy for the Christmas Card but too cheesy not to share.  Enjoy!

DSC_4195 copy

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Holly Jolly


We got our tree and wreath from Sycamore Springs again this year.  The tree is just slightly off center, but then again so are we.  Match made in heaven!


I used four different types greenery on the wreath.  Wild but fun!


When Joey first fixed the new steps I imagined decorating them for Christmas!  So much better than the broken brick

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it’s been a rainy season of relief, relief from a particularly toxic school year


I have found myself amazed by life
by good books and friendship
flowers and long days that stretch with the possibility of space, pure white space
these are the salt of the soul and I am soaking in the sea


my children are thriving and growing like wild things and I am overwhelmed by the goodness of the season


sweet summer stay awhile


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spring 2015


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before and almost


our steps were badly in need of an update


phase one


phase two


I can’t wait for the pressure treated wood to cure enough for us to paint

the tread plates will be black and the rest white……almost there

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coffee date

DSC00554 DSC00559 DSC00564

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hard and holy


this week I had an admin at work ask for documentation that I missed work for my grandfather’s funeral

the insult still stings- my family and my integrity

I thought very inarticulate, super immature responses

it was a hard week but like Anne Lammot says, “own your story- everything that has happened to you, if people don’t like it, they should have behaved better”


so I finish this week with sunflowers and sea salt caramel gelato and the knowledge that truth and love win in the end and hard sometimes is the holy work off letting go of bitterness- that and gelato makes this mama happy

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