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Easter 2015







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3-15-15 088

 I have been loving my silhouette machine lately

3-15-15 087

this is front in center for my babies (and me)3-15-15 100and monogrammed rain boots, yes, I think I will

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lovey dovey

3-15-15 014

this guy is the only one in my family who thinks it’s cool to wear matching shirts

3-15-15 015

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white space

hectic schedules and soul heaviness retreated while we had an unpresidented two weeks of snow and ice

3-15-15 026

3-15-15 027

3-15-15 030

3-15-15 032

3-15-15 033

3-15-15 043

3-15-15 047

3-15-15 049

3-15-15 052

3-15-15 058

3-15-15 060

3-15-15 061

3-15-15 065

3-15-15 081

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my heart

farm 2014

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we are

Never, ever getting back together!
Me and the Mexican restaurant located close to my daughter’s school
ever, ever……
I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan but I will blast this song everyday when I drive past this place
Yes, maybe it wasn’t where I got the superbug but still
I have left the house three times in the last week, twice for the ER and once for a specialist
Nothing says Christmas like food born illness!

But I have learned a bit from this experience:

1. I can no longer drink carbonated water, not sure why, but it just doesn’t work for me anymore
2. It is possible to watch so much HGTV that you want to gauge out your eyes
3. I can hold a hospital gown closed while unhooking an IV from the pole and sprinting to the bathroom like a boss
4. I am not a patient person, I am trying to lean into this time of rest instead of fighting it
5. My husband never noticed that Graham wore Ava’s pants to school
6. I am ready for this to be OVER!, see #4

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not shiny, not bright

or this post could be titled waunt, waunt, wau

so this last week our school system experienced a horrible tragedy where two children and a staff member were killed in a bus wreck

the timing belt on my car and our washer electrical panel went on the fritz

in the last three days, I’ve gone to the ER twice and to a GI specialist

best medical guess is that I have a nasty viral infection of the GI track, tests pending- oh joy

I feel that it is important to be honest on this little snapshot of my life, it’s pretty sucky right now

I wish I had a great life lesson or funny way to process the last week

I’m coming up short. I need prayer peeps.

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turkey hunt 2014


we had snow on Thanksgiving on the farm!


we went on our annual turkey hunt


and by turkey hunt, I mean we shot pumpkins (mostly rotten) in the woods with Nerf guns


aw, the family that shoots things together, stays together!


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Fall Photo Bomb


it was one of those perfect fall days


he loves helping outside


that grin gets me every time




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