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(a few examples of one of my favorite y chromosome baring souls)



we were informed that it would be ill-advised to use our plumbing for only the first five hours of the day due to pipe replacement being done by the city

alrighty then, we headed out for breakfast, shopping, and a movie

and we come home to um, well complications from said pipe replacement…
so I follow the instructions left by contractors

and when that doesn’t work, I flag down a worker…
who quickly dismisses me and lets me know that I am probably unaware of additional drains in my basement (NEGATIVE, dude) and perhaps I didn’t properly flush (WHAT is wrong with this guy!)

I hate to be underestimated and especially by a chauvinist with a mullet, knee-deep in waste

one glass of wine and a call to a supervisor and problem solved:
no Y chromosome needed!


a cobbler with Greenback blackberries helped make the day right again


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4th Fun


the 4th means flag cake


let’s just say there were artistic differences regarding blueberries


my babies


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a few weeks back, we made ginger people, dinosaurs, and ninja bread









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ginger me snaps


Sunday found me with a few blissful hours home alone

my grandmother’s gingersnap recipe is a force to be reckoned with-

it’s amazing that a cookie can bring back such flood of sweet memories

I cranked the Pandora Christmas music, baked, and crafted around

my mantle was in dire need of blue mason jar snow globes

fake snow (epsom salt) makes my heart flutter

’tis the season

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October Sky

how cute are my parentals!

polar bear pumpkins make me smile

rick rac makes everything better

we have eggs gourds, oh yeah

baby blue melts our hearts

pa with his fans

Nolan turns One!

my first s’more candy apple, won’t be my last

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so NOT a mu-mu


 one of the nicest things that was said to me at work today was,

“I really like your mu-mu”

…..this by a woman with very precarious dental health

It’s a Maxi Dress People!

(with a navy and white striped cardi and red beads straight from Africa to support women in poverty, don’t ya know)

……someday I’ll write a book about my adventures in school psychology

until then it will suffice to say the normal curve is both beautiful and terrifying in its extremes

 and genetics benefit from diversity (the family tree SHOULD branch)

it’s the perfect night for:

one minute molten lava cake

the recipe is on my Pinterest board, Foodie Goodness

…..so good I might need to buy a mu-mu!

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 several icebergs have appeared lately-

polly pockets, littlest pet shop, hot wheels, and pirates beware

we made good use of some cool beads from Jeanie

smack of jelly fish in my kitchen

oh my where have you been all my life:

just these ingredients to make these, I’m in love- way in love!

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Miss April is an oldie but a goodie.  This is my grandmother’s, Mildred Marie Linder Copley, recipe.  Mildred raised five daughters with my grandfather on a song and loved life.  She had auburn hair and a cackley laugh that was perfection.

Miss April is a three layer white cake with sour cream coconut filling topped with cool whip (yes the chemical kind) and she gets so much better the longer the filling soaks into the cake.

This was made for a sweet friend who is also a classic.  She rocks pearls, denim jackets, and monograms.   True beauty, wine, and truth only get better with age, Cheers Robin!

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Shitty Day Brownies

I got up before 5 am today to have a quite time and an extra cup of coffee to prepare for the day.  I should’ve slept in.

There were  x-rays (no broken bones- thank you Jesus and Dr. Dave), back to back assessments and meetings, after school inservice, and one hijacked GPS.

Sweet hubby forgot to return Ms. Garman, so as I frantically tried to find my required inservice after school, I ended up on the wrong side of the tracks and needless to say my mood did not lighten.  I think I ended up near a mall of ill repute but it was hard to be sure due to the drug dealers and prostitutes that made it hard to read the road signs.

One inservice later and a trip to the grocery store:  shitty day brownies.  I know mom, you hate the four letters, but I am a Junior League drop out after all.  For the most part, I’m still a card-carrying goody-two shoes but some days call for shitty day brownies.

These are so good, you forget why you needed them in the first place.  Per chef Kacee:  take 3/4 cup peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of butter, and 1/2 cup sugar and melt in microwave.  Add to box mix of prepared brownies and Swirl like the wind.

Seriously, they give you the Friday feeling on a Monday.

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Spring Break Sangria

To celebrate nine days of spring break, a few girlies stopped by Friday.

Enter in Spring Break Sangria with peaches, raspberries, and strawberries.  Good Times for sure!

Kickoff was at 4 so I kept the food super working girl friendly:

Major fun and as I fell asleep Friday night,

 I kept thinking how amazing it is to work with people who you enjoy so much

you want to hang out with them after work.

I am thankful for you girls!

And the Hubs who took the kids on a daddy date so I could have fun.

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