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Vinyl is the new Black

y’all know I love to monogram, well, it’s been taken to a whole new level!

I got a Sihouette Vinyl machine- love! A friend asked if I had a website for my goodies…..
I laughed and mentioned a mostly neglected blog. These are a few things I’ve made from my cell photos.

cell pictures 145

cell pictures 103

cell pictures 106

I’ve also done car decals and some wooden signs. Let me know if you’d like anything!


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I picked up this sad little picnic basket knowing she needed a little TLC

A little help from the helpful hardware place in Banner Red

Now she’s ready for a 4th of July bash.  You could channel your grandmother’s spirit and make a blackberry cobbler or rhubarb pie.  Wear her pearls and be belle of the barbecue.

How fun would this little vintage tin be filled with iced animal crackers as a hostess gift at your next playdate?

Both the tin and picnic basket will be available at Design Narrative in Homespun Antique Mall between Fresh Market and Steinmart on Kingston Pike

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Grand Opening of Design Narrative

Design Narrative

It started out with 144 mini key lime cupcakes and some girl in Fresh Market rambling to anyone who would listen about the antique mall down the street, oh wait that was me. 

How could it not be a blast with this girl as your business partner?

A little shout out to the Farragut Primary Girls (sister Lyster had left the building). 

Our first real, big girl, not related to us, customer!  She said she would be back! 

Two ladies asked if I did catering.  Thanks girls, you are so good for my ego!

My stunning friend Yvette and her equally stunning daughters. 

Emma, sweet, beautiful Emma. 

Ava and Graham ran quality control on the cupcakes. 

My mom, the original Betty Crocker, grand duchess of yard sale finds, and the source of any homemaking skills I have, oh and for reals my hero. 

It was a great day!  Thanks Becca, Yvette, Rachel, Elizabeth, girl from church with the cute shoes but I don’t know your name-Sorry, Julia, Mary, Lisa, Robin, Kristen, Caroline, Kacee, Joey, Ava, Graham, Priscilla, & Emma!  Kelley

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I’m a bit unsteady from these waves of gratitude.  It’s shimmery, too bright, throwing me off-balance.  I am thankful to God for his blessings in my life. 

There have been sweet words, a smile, a prayer whispered, a laugh, a glass of wine at girls’ night.  I am grateful.  Thank you for showing up today.  If not today, then thank you for all the other days of showing up in my life.  I am grateful.  It was a wonderful day.  Kelley

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Handsome, Handy Hubby

Oh Joey,  Where do I start? Let’s see: soul mate, fab sense of humor, father of our children, champion of the late night chocolate run, and wickedly good with power tools. 

So while I’m in spaz mode adding merchandise to the booth, Joey decides he’ll wrangle 100-year-old banisters and eves from the grainery at the old family farm 25 miles away.  Through chiggers, weeds, and dust, with 15 minutes before closing, he made the store front of the booth.  I love this man.

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Birth Announcement, It’s a….

Brand New, Bouncing Booth, a Strapping Shop if you will. Design Narrative feels a lot like my previous birthing experiences. Today I’ve been equal parts exhausted, nauseous, tearful, and ecstatically happy. This bundle of joy took 10+ years to come to be, two intense weeks of labor, and immense help from fabulous family and friends. Today it’s real and I’m in awe. A lot like giving birth I say. The official sip and see is Saturday from 12-2 but Design Narrative has arrived as of 6:01 June 1, 2011!  More photos will follow…this mama is tired!

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