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wreathy goodness


My aunt Suzan made this wreath at the Tree House, immediately I was in LOVE


Hello, beautiful!


I traded a friend a monogrammed tumbler for fabulous hand lettering on my chalkboard. Thank God for people with great handwriting!


when I found this wool scarf at KARM, I knew I’d use it somehow. Ta-da!


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yardsell guru


my mom is the yard sell guru of the world
she recently gifted us with this awesome table


wooden bowl and pool balls (that just sounds so wrong) were other recent finds

this lady has the yard sale magic!

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Ms. Dee and the girls were in charge of the end of the year picnic at one of my schools.


When I walked in and saw the hand stitched quilts and garden cut flowers in Mason jars, well let’s just say it was a Tree Grows in Brooklyn kind of moment


Being at an inner city school has been a learning curve for this small town/ suburb girl. Ms. Dee made me swoon with her picnic. I told her she was speaking my love language with all the vintage goodness.






The food, decor, live auction, and various festivities made this picnic one to remember. There may have even been a costume contest respite with coconut bras and monkey glasses but I cannot confirm or deny that.

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this morning, I woke up early

unable to go back to sleep, I decided I needed a little chevron cheer

so I made this wreath while the coffee brewed

it’s that fast y’all

I should have been shaking this chevron wreath way before now


this is the sad state of my craft room

but I love having a zone for all my project goodness


after work, a Hobby Lobby run

and more chevron shaking baby

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Get your Chevron On!




after, with a little Chevron fabric


the twin

one of my favorite fluffying the nest projects

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our kitchen tree


when Joey brought these magnolia leaves home-

my heart skipped a beat



funny frostys from my mom and who doesn’t need Christmas ornaments in an old candy machine

sweet A and I had a little craft time


her smile says it all


G joined in


hot gluey goodness


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Fish or Lure?

fish or lure? family joke inspired by a precocious two-year old

one of these silver platters was a family heirloom, one was $2 at Good Will

neither were living up to their potential, soooo

homemade silver tarnish remover with no scrubbing- Thank you Pinterest!

After:  a bit of happy shiny for my wall

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Exhibit A:  1990s builder grade boob light replaced by

Exhibit B:  funky, vintage chandie from a friend =

Exhibit C:  One happy Kelley

In previous the post, we established my political aspirations:

If made president or queen, after abolishing human trafficking, ending world poverty/hunger, and establishing legislation to triple educators’ salaries, I’d do away with all boob lights everywhere!

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Good Will Hunting

Before:  ugly frames from Good-Will

During: Spray paint, hot glue, and burlap

After:  Much Improved!

Isn’t everything better with burlap?

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I planned on dropping Miss May off at the Homespun Sidewalk Sale and heading out to other adventures today.  But I was caught up in the fun: part yard sale, part family reunion, part carnival (well, there was a duck game).  It was hard to resist.  These lovelys came home with me.

The black iron candle sticks were a steal and you know I’m a goner for anything old, funky, and with a literary theme.  This piece had me at type setter’s drawer.

This happy yellow made me smile so it had to come along for the ride.

I spent the better part of my morning at Homespun and running around town.  As I was heading home I realized I was starving.  This is a recipe-ish that came from Rachel Ray then my sister Kacee then I just did my own thing.  Like I said recipe-ish.  Here is Gemelli pasta with Chick Peas, Kalamata Olives, Capers, and Basil Marinara.

Start by sauteing onions and peppers in olive oil. 

 Add sea salt, black pepper, one can rised chick peas, capers, tomato paste, olives, and two cans petite cut tomatoes. 

 Looks like this.

Rinse then puree the other can of chick peas, add, and you should have something like this.

Add lots of fresh basil.  Really can you ever have enough fresh basil?


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