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Saturday was our neighborhood yard sale.  Up at four am does not a happy Kelley make.  The absolute highlight was watching my children become passionate capitalists.  My son, who is at times painfully shy, chased people walking up our street saying, “I am the lemonator “and “we have cookies, cookies all day.”    My daughter politely thanked her customers then would add with a little grin, “be sure and tell all your friends”.   I found some fun little treasures but these won’t be finding their way to the shop.

Don’t think creepy garage, think mojitos on the back porch.  I scored this fun drink cart for $5. 



After, not too shabby for $10.


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Today we went to church, had brunch at Lakeside Tavern, and came home for long afternoon naps.  Great day.  I’m still riding the high from the opening yesterday.  I wanted to show you the little happy that followed me home from the shop yesterday.  That scale needed a good home, really it did.  The globes were rescued from a trash pile last week.  The burlap (almost a yard for .90 in remnant bin) is covering an unfortunate flaw of a Geo Safari box on the white globe, but hey we all have our issues.  The blue milkglass was found in my aunt Becky’s basement and belonged to my grandmother Mildred.  Becky said, “Take it, it would be beautiful with lemons in it.”  Good call, and good grief I have the best aunties in the world!  The roses are one of my favorite flowers from yesterday’s sip and see.



 Another favorite (along with his sister) below with said scale preping for a new Sunday night tradition called Devo and Dessert- thank you Miss Ginger at CCPC!

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So instead of making 60 key lime cupcakes for grand opening or cleaning up my garage that looks like a slum in India, I’m showing you some thrifty treasure from today.  I was sucked into the force field of a yard sale in a ritzy neighborhood today.  Lucky jeans for $1, yes please.  Size 0, I don’t care, I will re-sell.  I spent $50 to fill up the trusted Pilot and pealed into the first consignment shop I saw.  I walked away with $34 cash and these little goodies. Why yes that is a Lily Pulitzer skirt, pink Converse shoes, and a Vera Bradley hat.  Fun times, fun times.  The afternoon got even better as Becky and I went junk picking at the Good Will in Bearden.  I love that girl!  Now off to make bountiful amounts of culinary delights for tomorrow’s grand opening.  Hope to see you there!

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