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Miss February

Miss February is a complex kinda gal.  She has contrasts that highlight her paradoxical strengths.

Joey thinks she needs a little bacon topper.

She’s dark chocolate cake with caramel icing topped with ganache and loads of sea salt.

This Miss February is off to the Daddy Daughter Dance.

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Miss October

Miss October made her first appearance at small group this week.

She’s a pumpkin spice cake infused with caramel sauce topped with nutella accentuated by pirouline cookies.

Other fun minutiae, Graham made a letter G, a real G this week.

He drew with chalk and painted over it with water-fun, fun idea from pinterest.

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 Even though this is a design blog, I decided we’ll have a little cupcake of the month post. In honor of Natalie, Jack-Jack, and baby Froe (now know as Vanessa), I made dark chocolate Guinness cupcakes with ganache, whipped cream, and fresh berries. Oh sweet Ireland, you gave us U2, Van Morrison, the Cranberries, and last but not least Guinness-the only beer I can drink. I love you Ireland. And you too Miss June. And of course baby Froe!Miss June had to lose the whipped cream for her close up- it’s 102 in my sunroom!!!

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It’s not weird to spend three hours testing out recipes for next week on Memorial Day, right? I think we have a winner: Meet Miss May- a key lime mini cupcake filled with home-made key lime curd (thank you very much) and topped with lime buttercream, iridescent sugar, and lime zest. She will be meeting and greeting on June 4th at Design Narrative. It feels good to score in the kitchen after the Oreo fiasco.


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