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Pinterest Power

True confession time:  I spend WAY too much time on pinterest.  It’s almost an addiction.  I justify it by saying it inspires me and reminds me that there is much beauty in the world.  It feels good to do something with all that inspiration:  I redid my fall mantle yesterday.

We made this family tree with handprints after seeing a similar one on pinterest.

 It’s messy, wild, and has my babies handprints- love it!

Fall Indian corn arrangement via Aunt Suzan and Sycamore Springs Farm.

Candy Corn hurricane glasses via pinterest.  Need wider candles but just used what I had.

Never met a bunting I didn’t like.   Super fun to make.

Today my heart is full, I’m counting my blessings:

 sleeping late, Joey made coffee, fall break, time to create and breath and just be.  God’s gifts all.

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