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little bit o explainin’

I’ve had several friends ask me lately why I craft around with my kids.

Simple answer:  so I don’t lose my mind.

I make Polly Pockets go to book club.

 I’m at a loss for what Barbie should say to Ken besides a, “How youuuuu doing?” in a Joey from Friends voice.

I am hopeless when it comes to Star Wars characters and they just like to fight anyway.

I cook and craft and read to my kids because it’s what I enjoy doing.

And I hope it’s good for their brains,

because I’m just not that into My Pretty Ponies or Spider Man

although I do try.


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Saturday find us making pancakes, little feet dancing in the background

Don’t know why, but I keep the play dough in the pantry.  As I was getting it down, pasta crashed everywhere.

We made good use of it

First porcupines then of course, star wars ships

whiskers for A

Wish I’d thought of pasta/play dough combo before- hours o fun

March is a little late for pansies but I couldn’t resist

Love the color on my porch-

Good times with pancakes, pansies, and porcupines.

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A and G

This is the toy designer/knight/crime fighter and

marine biologist/princess/poodle skirt wearing vet saving the day.

Ah, so glad these super heroes live here.

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