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I had a wonderful opportunity to cater today for a group of 40 from Young Life in Madrid, Spain.

I couldn’t let go of the red, white, and blue (it’s July 5th after all) and this is the first taste of America for these students.

Thank you Kristen for the Hydrangeas!

Paula Dean’s Banana Pudding or as my dad likes to call it Sycamore Springs Banana Pudding was a hit.

I’ll level with you, this was a joy to do, but about 20 till 7, I thought I was doomed.  I just couldn’t see how I would finish in time.  Enter guardian angel server/volunteers.  They tossed salad, cut garlic bread (this was creative as all the utensils were locked up at this venue), moved tables, made me laugh, and were all together wonderful!  Thank you Guys!  You were an answer to prayer!

Please pray for these wonderful Young Life students far from home.  Please pray for blessings, protection, and that they come to know and serve Jesus.  Jesus and banana pudding -great Southern combo!


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