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Simple Simon

After two weeks back at work, I’m exhausted!  I was too tired to cook and going out with the kids seemed like way too much effort.  Olives, apples, grapes, tomato, and basil with rustic bread, havarti, manchego, and cheddar.  So very simple and so very good.

I’m working to simplify several areas of life right now.  I’ve decided to focus on the consulting and staging aspect of Design Narrative and discontinue the retail shop for now.  It was a fun ride but a retail platform isn’t the best fit for my life.

 I wonder why less really is more in so many ways.  I’m attempting to be more mindful about my commitments and expectations (not easy for a classic type A, just give me the outline, multi-tasker).  After reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, I realize how much I need to grow in being really present and aware of the grace of now.  Not when the goal is in hand, house finished, five years down the road, or five pounds lighter but now in this day.  Simon says: Simple. Ah that wise Simon.


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