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Calzones and Complaining

 Our best times are spent when the kids get artsy at the kitchen table and I’m cooking around.

This little guy is finally digging it

We’ve had an out break of complaining and disputing-hoping to remedy that.

This is a crazy good kiddie lunch from pinterest:

crescent rolls, half a mozzarella cheese stick, and turkey pepperoni

soo very good when I’ve had mac and cheese and pbjs for lunch for weeks


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week in review

cat woman and her sidekick bunny

velvet spider man art

yet another awkward cousin picture

wild dinosaurs at breakfast

date night downtown and unwittingly crashing GLBT parade and festival

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My Mama

Tomorrow is my mama’s birthday.  Writing about my mama should be several novels and not just a blog post but this will get us started.  She’s the oldest of five girls and honed her nurturing and cooking skills at a young age.  My dad and her were highschool sweethearts and married in college.  They ate a lot of cabbage soup from what I hear.  With a wink, she told me several years ago at a 40+ anniversary that she thought they just might make it.

My mama is a lady of class and grace.  She has always known that style can never be separated from substance.  She is resourceful and creative.  She has always made the most of what she has and graciously shared with others.  She can cook and sew like no body else.  She’s very bright- I used her as a guinea pig when I was learning how to give IQ tests.  And obviously a good sport, see above item.

My mama has an independent mind and a sharp wit.  I have no illusions that I was an easy child to raise.  We butted heads some.  I always knew I was passionately loved.  Now that I am a mother, I appreciate all the meals, stories, birthday parties, sleepovers, ballet lessons, ball practices, and general instructions in life.  Now I say, “Grab a jacket, you’ll freeze your bunkus off” and throw blackened bananas in the freezer for baking bread- these are just a few of the things I used to roll my eyes at.

I’ve come to realize that any good in me, any positive trait I have is a direct result of her love and influence in my life.  The bad I take full responsibility for and like the old county song, “mama tried”.  I love you mama!  I only hope I can be to Ava and Graham what you are to me.  Happy Birthday!

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Not Today

We tried out an easy-peasy screen print project- but not today.

You take the top of a take out box (bonus- you get take out) and use a pencil to make a design

Paint and press and feel like a crafty, fun mom- Again not today.

Today my sweet children morphed into whine-gizillas.  One child kicked me in the shin.  Really, kicked me and I did the “oh, nooooo you didn’t” response.  Today I feed them lunch of icies and hot dogs at Target’s snack bar.  Today I wanted desperately for someone to put me in time-out and down for a nap.  Today Ava attempted a chain letter reply- my apologizes to all who receive this!  There were tears, ink, and stamps galore and for the record I hate chain letters and email forwardy things- no, really I abhor them!  Today I ran away as soon as hubby came home.  It was to McAlister’s for a tea and a stack of magazines but still I ran away.  Today I wondered who these children were and why their mother hadn’t taught them better manners.  Tomorrow I’ll be fun, crafty mom again but for today all bets are off and hallelujah they are in bed!

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water and sunshine

We are so very lucky to live five minutes from a great sprinkle and play area

this grin says it all

on the way to the park, A and G tried to convince me that they were to mature for sprinkle parks

two hours later, they didn’t want to leave

oh that they would soak up every minute of childhood and enjoy them all

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The rock pile at our house has provided hours and hours of fun for the kiddos.  I decided to try baking rocks as mentioned on the Artful Parent site.

Although it sounds like a recipe for disaster, it was quite enjoyable and no one lost an eye!

I baked the rocks at 300 for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet then transferred to these muffin tins.  A and G used old crayons to color the tops.

The end result was swirly, impressionistic rock art.  Rock on creative kids!

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Ava was lamenting to Grandmama that we didn’t have any cardboard boxes.  Grandmama quickly intervened.

Now Fudgesicle, aka pup-cake, has a proper home complete with doggie chandelier

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Today is a good day.   Today I am home with my babies.  Today I’m not super-duper, just shoot me sick.  Today I’m not numb with fear about my mom’s cancer.  Today is a place I should hang out more.   I love the eerie moss on the live oak.  The analytical part of me wants to know about the mites in the moss and the parasitic relationship to the tree.  The artist in me just enjoys God’s handy work.  Today I’m sshhing the analytical parts and going all out artsy.  Ah, Summer is good.

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Beach Babies 2012

Highlights from Litchfield:  TW Graham’s general store, watching G playing chase with the ocean, date with Ava, longest road trip ever with Kacee, yard sale paluza with Grandmama and Pa, pirate’s treasure, virulent virus, the season’s first fried green tomato, super dad Joey, three generations laughing with our toes in sand- priceless!

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