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Pretty in Pink Party

my beautiful mama starts chemo this week

so we rally with a pink party

Copley Clan Unite!

party was a group effort with everyone pulling together

the girls sported Rosie

with “Team Grandmama” on the back

the boys sported Yoda with, “Conquer cancer, you can!’

Caroline, Ava, Kacee, Kelley, Kristen, Tori, Suzan, Madie, Katie, Kaye, Balee, Becky, Jeanie (and the boys too)

We’re all “TEAM LYNA”

We love you and know you can do this!


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That Girl

You may remember that last year Ava gave me a time share of her purple nail polish.

This year it was a purple toe ring.

She also made this.  It’s our best family portrait yet!  Love that girl!

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Big Creek

I asked this handsome guy to take me to the mountains for my birthday.

He did not disappoint.

G said, “This is the most fun I’ve had in years!” – he’s four.

A said, “this is why they call it the GREAT outdoors”

one of nine elk we saw

may have to be a new tradition

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Liar, Liar

strawberry and goat cheese bruschetta with basil- summer in a bite

has nothing to do with this post though:

I think I’m going a bit bonkers, I flat-out lied to my kids at dinner.

Without batting an eye, I vehemently denied that the pasta dish I served contained mushrooms.

I didn’t feel up to the battle.  Honesty matters a great deal to me and I blew it with my kids over mushrooms.

I love being at home but I miss my work friends, and soccer taco, and wearing real clothes and make-up on a regular basis, and not cleaning till my hands are raw, and having real grown up conversations.

There are only so many crafts and kiddie centric activities one can create before going bonkers, just saying.

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 several icebergs have appeared lately-

polly pockets, littlest pet shop, hot wheels, and pirates beware

we made good use of some cool beads from Jeanie

smack of jelly fish in my kitchen

oh my where have you been all my life:

just these ingredients to make these, I’m in love- way in love!

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July 4th


Lunch with Granny at the Drugstore 



followed by the Greenback Parade 





this guy’s shirt cracked me up


back home for some flag cake 


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Wolf River

I played here as a child.  My grandparents had a quirky little cabin up the road.

As a teenager, I was baptized here with my little sister.  It’s a vivid memory, light spilling into the cold water and the muddy river bed.

Three sisters gave birth to three wild at heart boys, all within a year of each other.

Three sisters, six babies- blessings all.

May they know Light spilling in cold river water and the deep muddy love of family.

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watch out

G made a “mixer, can-opener, battle-ax, gun, sword for robots and chicken raptors” out of foil and recycled trash.

Watch out world

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inspired by pinterest, I made a little sunshine to brighten up my day

it was so fun to actually play artist instead of just cleaning up art supplies

it’s totally normal to spend hours sorting legos, right?

when G asked for help reconstructing his castle after a T-Rex incident

I just couldn’t help myself, ah so much better!

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